Wall Tiles in Williams Bay

If you want a wall tiler that will go above and beyond for you, then you need to call Professional Masonry Services LLC today. With an unmatched commitment to excellence and a reputation for providing an unrivalled service to home- and business-owners in Williams Bay, we may be envied by many but is rivalled by very few. Don’t take chances with second-rate tiling teams, when the number one option is right here on your doorstep. Call our office today and allow us to get to work on enhancing your residential or commercial property.

Repair Wall Tile Cracks with Professional Masonry Services LLC

Like any fixture or fitting in your Williams Bay home or business, wall tiles don’t last forever. Depending on the size, style and type of tile in question can determine how long of a life-span you can expect them to have. However, other variables such as the location that they occupy in your home as well as if they are exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures can affect their longevity. All that said, here are three of the most common reasons why tiles crack:

  1. Improper Tile Selection: While this is a mistake that our talented team would never dream of making, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that we cannot guarantee that other inferior businesses could say the same. When you have repaired as many tiles as we have then you begin to get a good idea of commonly made mistakes, and this is certainly one. Using tiles that are designed for a floor on the wall is a problem that we have had to rectify more times than we care to remember.
  2. Wrong Choice of Adhesive: Again, while this is an error that would never be made by our trained team, the same cannot be said of other teams. If we had a dollar for every time that we saw a floor tile installed with mastic adhesive (a wall tile adhesive), then we’d be very well off.
  3. Structural Movement: Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that from time to time, tiles move and this, over time can cause friction that leads them to wear and depreciate.

Glass Tile Backsplashes

One of the main benefits of using glass tiles for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash is that the transparent nature of this tile can reflect light and make your bathroom or kitchen appear larger and more spacious than it actually is. And let’s be honest about it, who doesn’t want more space? Glass tiles are also less porous than ceramic tiles which helps reduce the likelihood of dreaded mildew or mold.

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Let’s be honest about it, nobody likes settling for second-place. However, the sad reality of the situation is that by choosing any wall tile team other than Professional Masonry Services LLC, you are doing just that. Don’t make this mistake, call the tiling experts you can trust today.